Uniform Order Request Form

Coaches please download the uniform order request form below. Check all information. Fill out form listing sizes for your team. Take a  picture of the uniform jersey. Insert the picture into the picture box on the form, email to Mr. Yanes at  nyanes80@gmail.com 

KSC Unform Order Request Form - 2018 (docx)



Uniforms are provided to every Klein recreational player. The uniform is included in your registration fee, so you don’t pay an extra fee. Coaches pick up their uniforms at the uniform storage building behind field 6 after the coaches meeting. If you can’t make the meeting, then you can contact the Director of Uniforms/Equipment listed on the KSC website to schedule a pickup time.


Uniforms are ordered 6-8 weeks before registration is completed and the season begins. This is done so that we can pass out uniforms a couple of weeks before the season starts. While the system might let parents enter uniforms sizes for their child, we don’t use this data. The uniform fields are not required to be updated in order to register a player and the majority of them are blank. Also, we have no way of knowing what team a player will be put on, so there is no way to match up a uniform size with a specific player.

Uniforms sets have multiple sizes. We do the best that we can to match sizes to the team age groups so that we can cover all of the players. We order uniforms for 2500-3000 kids, ages 4–18 per season. We cannot guarantee that each uniform will fit every player perfectly. Bigger is better as they will have room to grow into them.


You need to get the uniforms passed out as soon as you get them. Uniforms are numbered low to high based on the size. Small sizes are the lower jersey numbers and the larger sizes are the higher jersey numbers. Uniforms need to be passed out to players based on their sizes, not by the number a player wants to wear.

If you have a child that is either very small or large for their age, we can order a Jersey to accommodate them. You (the coach) will need to send a picture of the Jersey and the size needed to the Director of Uniforms. We will not accept any uniform orders after the second weekend of the season. Please do not have your parents emailing in uniform requests.

If you have issues with short sizes, we will have tubs of shorts for all age groups in the club house that you can exchange for a better size.

For uniform questions or concerns, please contact Nelson Yanes.